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Product Features

  • Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing technology
  • Near Nano-sized sanitizing fog can instantly fill both large and small rooms as well as covering hard to clean your regular surfaces.
  • The active ingredient in the FLE solution is so nontoxic it is even approved by the US FDA as safe for use as a food additive.

AG-800X Antibacterial Vaporizer

The AG-800X is a quick and easy to use sanitizer that is effective in smaller spaces like automobiles, offices and in homes.

FLE antibacterial solution

FLE antibacterial solution is a specifically formulated liquid for the Air Guard vaporizer. The fog quickly reaches every corner of the car or room and even goes deep into air-conditioning systems for improved efficacy.

MHS Premium Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

MHS Premium Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, is a plant-based anti-bacterial sanitizer certified by SGS labs.

Our Offerings

Comprehensive Sanitizing Programs

Provide the most suitable disinfection program for each occasion and space.

Superior Market Experience

We are a professional management team with over 40 years of global marketing experience.

Innovative R&D Teams

We have cutting-edge research and development to quickly respond to the needs of the market.

Customized Service

Assisting customers to design and develop high-quality products with excellent performance and cost-effectiveness.

Compliance With International Standards

All products comply with both domestic and international consumer safety and performance regulatory requirements.

Professional Maintenance and Warranty

All products including accessories come with a 12-month factory warranty.

Complete After-Sales Service

With maintenance and repair, technical support, and on-site training, we deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

ESG Corporate Sustainability

With the goal of environmental protection and green energy, we fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the environmental sustainability of the world.


About AG
Air Guard

Air Guard is headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Our company consists of biotech professionals with more than 40 years of experience in research and development of aerosolizing technologies.
Combining strong R&D with superior global marketing experience, our fog machines hold the top three worldwide market share positions. With the goal of expanding our global businesses, we continue to do research and development in the area of new germicidal aerosol products.
Looking to the future, Air Guard will continue to improve on our already solid brand foundation with the focus on our corporate mission of improving living environments all over the world and delivering greater value to our customers.

eliminate the bad odor | mold | fungi

Taoyuan | Taiwan | Air Guard | Portable design | disinfector